About Me


A one man mission

I design websites and brand identity.

I like to think that it’s far more complex than that, but let’s be honest, it’s not really.

I spend my days thinking about user-expectations and creating appropriate visuals.

Designing logos, brand guidelines and effective websites for amazing people and companies is actually something I’m really proud of.

It’s my one-man crusade against bad design.

That said, as far as crusades go, it’s pretty low-key.

I work alone, but do have a few friends I can call upon if things get “heated”.

Three years ago, before going it alone, I was creative director for a search marketing agency. Before that, a senior designer within a digital design agency. I learned my craft pretty quickly there. (You tend to learn quickly, when you work under a creative director who used to be a champion cage fighter!)

When I’m not working on design, I’m working on design.

Yep. I’m rarely not designing something.

Only difference is that if it’s not client work, it’s for my own personal projects (often music-related)!

I’ve produced a number of electronic music albums and performed in far-off places like Puerto Rico, Greenland and all over the USA, but really my design work pays the bills, so it takes precedence every time.

What do you get when you hire me?

Someone so organised and particular with their files, folders and naming conventions that he completely re-engineered the internal file storage and naming structure for the whole company when he joined QueryClick. (I also stuck a picture of the rapper "Nas" on the internal Network Attached Storage "NAS" which continues to make me chuckle)

Someone who, when they’re not designing, they’re designing. As soon as the work day ends, it’s a switch to personal projects and skills improvement. I strive to better myself.

Someone who cares deeply about explaining things clearly to others and helping others reach their goals. Not just clients, but colleagues too. I won’t just explain things, but try to find the best method to do so, while questioning how it can be done more effectively. I'm not afraid to explain everything I’ve done, for clarity and to help others learn.

Someone who will always question things - not to be a pest, but to ensure that everyone is going about things in the most appropriate way - with the right frame of mind.

Someone who needs the context and the scenarios before they can jump in and solve a problem - someone who spends more time asking questions, so that they can spend more focussed and effective time on crafting the solution.

Someone who has design values, who cares deeply about the user’s experience and expectations as well as balancing that with the client’s desires. A bridge-builder.

And someone who keeps asking “what then?” “what next?” and “how can we make this better?”

Anything else?

Just get in touch...