Frequently Asked Questions

Can you do websites or logos from scratch?

Absolutely, it’s just normally my clients in the past have had an existing site or something set up, but I can just as easily create new sites or brand identities if required.

I need more than a logo, do you do business cards and all the other stuff?

Yes, a full brand identity project usually includes logo, typography, colours, imagery and some guidelines on how they all work. I am also able to work on any other collateral required.

In the past I have done business cards, letterheads, compliment slips, appointment cards, internal documents, email templates, desk calendars, office signage, rubber stamps, beer glasses, stickers - the list goes on!

How much is it all going to cost?

Ahh, the question on everyone’s lips. Money, money, money. A question often met with more questions:

  • What problem are you solving, and why?
  • How much is the solution worth to your bottom-line?
  • How quickly does it need done?
  • Is it something I can do?

Answering these things (and looking into it all in much more detail) will help me put together a proposal for you.

I don't want you to consider my solutions as an expense, so ideally, to begin with, we examine possible financial returns based on a successful project together, and look at that alongside my rates.

If the project looks like it's going to get you a return on your investment, then I tend to accept it. If it doesn't look like it's going to be profitable for you, I'll suggest alternative solutions till we find something we're both happy with, that isn't going to lose you any money.

Can't you even give me a rough idea of cost?

Well, my day-rate is currently €400 and most of the projects I take on tend to fall somewhere between €2,000 and €5,000.

Generally I don't work with budgets smaller than €1,000.

What do you need in order to give me an accurate quote?

The simple answer here is as much information as possible. The more I know, the more accurately I can quote.

Ideally the information will include answers to all my difficult questions!

You can view a list of all the questions I ask here.

How fast can you do this stuff for me?

This is down to four main variables:

  • The amount of work I have on currently. (And how soon I’ll be able to start)
  • How complex the work is. (What’s and who’s involved)
  • How long things like signoff, feedback or content provision take. (That’s down to you)
  • How much you haggle on price. (The lower you haggle, the less I’ll want to work)

At most times I need at least 4 or 5 days advance notice of a job before I can schedule it in.

Any "rush jobs" (AKA "I need this by tomorrow morning") will be charged at double-time.

Can you even do this?

It's unlikely to be a question of "can I do it?" but more a question of "how well can I do it?".

There's a difference between someone who can design a website, and someone who takes the time to understand your real problem, and helps you find a viable solution that gets you a return on your investment. I am hopefully the latter.

If it’s a website, an interface, brand identity, or any digital design job, then it’s likely that I can handle it without any problems. You can see from my existing work what I’m capable of.

If in doubt, you can always ask me if I can handle it. I’ll gladly let you know if it’s something I can or can’t do, but don't be surprised if I start asking questions like "Why do you want that?" or the real kicker "Why do your customers want that?".

Where are you based?

I was born and raised in Edinburgh, Scotland, but right now, I live in Riga, Latvia. That puts me 2 hours ahead of the UK and 7 hours ahead of NYC.

You said you were award winning. What awards?

As part of the team at Line Digital, we won:

  • A BIMA Award for Visual Design
  • A DADI Award for Best Use of Visual Design
  • A BAFTA Scotland New Talent Award
  • DADI Digital Agency Of The Year 2007
  • DADI Digital Agency Of The Year 2008
  • A DADI Best Not-For-Profit Project Award
  • A DADI commendation for email marketing design

As part of the team at QueryClick, we won

  • The Herald Scotland Digital Business Award

Anything else?

Just get in touch...